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i guess i’d better start tracking all these tags, i don’t want anyone out there thinking i’m a nasty mean heterophobe

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i’m too confused and tired to try to understand what’s happening right now so i’m going to bed goodnight

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Anonymous said:

You only ever used to post gay stuff and now you've got lesbians as well but there's still no heterosexual stuff.

wait what are you even talking about i’m so confused

if you think me not going out of my way to look for and tag straight pairings simply because i don’t NEED to go out of my way to look for them because they tend to appear all over the place anyway is ‘hating’ straight people then oh boy you must have it rough

i can’t even begin to imagine how being discriminated against based on your sexuality could possibly get any worse than an online blog not feeling the need to tag straight, canon couples

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Why do you hate straight people?


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Spent some quality time with my waifus a couple minutes ago B) couldn’t stand how lacking the elsida tag was!


Spent some quality time with my waifus a couple minutes ago B) couldn’t stand how lacking the elsida tag was!

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god bless the elsa/merida gif makers because masking merida’s hair to insert her into scenes with elsa must be an absolute nightmare

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New princess day?

yes new princess day i made that post on the day frozen was released therefore new princess day ta da

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Anonymous said:

Do you think Hans could be redeemed in a sequel, like how Zuko was in Avatar: The Last Airbender?

wow okay that’s kind of a difficult question to answer

I don’t think Hans could be redeemed in the same was Zuko was because he wasn’t presented as being sympathetic at all. While Zuko was the main antagonist in the first season, he was still relatable and you were able to feel sorry for him, despite what he was trying to do. I’m assuming his whole redemption arc was planned from the beginning of the series as well, which allowed the writers to develop and write him in a way that could be later explained or justified, unlike Hans.

Hans could be redeemed I guess, but whether or not that’s a good idea is up in the air at this point. I don’t see it happening in a sequel film simply because of the large amounts of time it would take to first develop his backstory and history to make the audience sympathise with him and then for him to actually be redeemed - that’s a lot of stuff that would need to be crammed into a 90 minute movie and with 3 other main characters who need equal amounts of screentime and development, the whole thing would just be a complete mess.

If/when development starts on a sequel I doubt Hans would even be in it at all because he served his purpose in the first movie and his story arc has ended. Bringing him back in as the main villain would also be kind of dumb because there aren’t really any ways for him to antagonise Anna and Elsa without feeling like it’s just rehashing his original role.

Their motives also play into effect here - Zuko wanted to capture the Avatar to regain his honour, his father’s trust and to be able to return to his home. Hans tried to usurp the throne because… he was power hungry? He wanted to prove himself to his family? Hans’s real motives and drive aren’t addressed at all in Frozen whereas right from the beginning Zuko’s were explicitly stated.

If I were to try to redeem Hans in a future sequel or series, the best way to do it would probably be to start with his childhood and make his similarities to Anna more apparent to evoke an emotional response from the audience - maybe mirror parts of the midnight snow scene from the first film with Hans playing with his older brothers before they start to drift away from him. Making the King a villainous character, exploring his relationship with Sitron as well as his brothers, etc. would be the fastest and easiest way to make him sympathetic.
The next step would be to show the reason why he tried to take over Arendelle without making him completely blameless, which would be extremely difficult to do. His ability to mirror the emotions and personalities of those around him would also need to be addressed and explained and honesty I can’t think of any way to explain both of those things while also trying to remould him as sympathetic or relatable.
Then of course he would have to be actually redeemed which would be hard to pull off simply because he was never intended to have a redemption in Frozen so he was never written in a way that would allow sympathy.
As for the physical act of redemption, this would be by far the hardest to do because he would need to take responsibility for his actions which goes against his entire manipulative personality and would be so ridiculously out of character from his actual role in Frozen.

It’s probably my own experiences talking here but honestly I think the best way to redeem Hans (which is also ironically the absolute least likely to be carried out by present-day Disney) would just be to make him gay. Use this to explain his skewed/lack of understanding of (heterosexual) love, add in unwanted pressure from his father to find a girl and settle down, link his adolescence of trying to hide that part of himself in with Elsa’s struggles with her ice powers and use that to explain how he ended up so manipulative and calculating and to top it off, throw in a couple of homophobic brothers to make him sympathetic. Bam, redeemable Hans without resorting to making him absolutely blameless for his actions.

In the end though, Hans isn’t a Zuko and he never will be because he was never intended to be. If anyone’s the Zuko of the movie, it’s Elsa.
Hans is much more similar to Azula.

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