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help i just listened to the anaconda song for the very first time and i had absolutely no idea that the “my anaconda don’t want none unless you’ve got buns hun” thing that literally everyone (myself included) has been quoting was sampled from baby got back, i feel like my life is a lie

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why won’t you rich bastards die

why won’t you rich bastards die

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why is it so fracking hard to kill sims in this game all i want to do is start a tiny little house fire but nooooo ovens won’t catch alight if you leave food on them and the fireplaces won’t catch alight if there’s chairs/rugs in front of them

what’s the fun of making a gold digging homewrecker if you can’t kill off your rich husband and his entire family after you marry him and inherit all his money

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"You are no King to me!”
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yurinekel inquired:

Sorry, but I've been unfollowing you accidentally, it happens when I try to send you a question on mobile.

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Winner of two Academy Awards

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uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so my parents are in sydney tomorrow and are going to pick me up from one of those stations rather than me having to take the train from newcastle all the way into central and then from central back to bathurst (which is a 7 hour trip)

buut they still haven’t called me back to tell me which station they’re gonna meet me at and what time i need to get there so i’m completely in the dark here cos i need to plan out what time i’ll have to leave tomorrow and the buses run on a different schedule on sundays and urgh it’s stressing me out

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my favourite thing about getting ready to go home for the uni breaks is the last few days when i have to frantically start eating all the spare food before i leave

like… will leftover curried rice taste good with roast potatoes? only time can tell!

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Anonymous inquired:

Bet you can't gif the entire Frozen.

u wanna bet m8?


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